About us

At KURQ, the earth comes first.

We were thinking 'So many phone cases, why aren't they sustainable while everyone has one?'

From that point of view, we started designing and producing KURQ phone cases. You guessed it, the cases are made from cork with a base of recycled plastic as the basis for strength.

Cork is simply bark from the cork oak tree. When extracting cork, only the bark is removed from the tree and no trees are cut down. The bark extraction can take place every 5 years and this is doesn't harm the trees. In fact, cork oaks absorb 3 to 5 times more CO2 when they are stripped of their bark. For this reason we are a big fan of cork!

In the first instance, we aimed to have the case made entirely from cork. But after several designs and prototypes, we found out that cork is too brittle and crumbly on its own. It was not possible to make a strong enough case out of this to hold the phone in place at the same time. That is why we have opted for a base of recycled plastic with cork around it. It has turned out to be strong and good looking.

The cork is very resilient, shock absorbing and it also naturally repels water. Ideal for a phone case.

Would you like to help the earth a little bit? A phone case that lasts a long time and also looks unique and beautiful? Take a look at our products.